Hundreds of multi-colored flexible caps and closures for drink bottles

Caps, seals and closures

Compounders specializing in two-piece caps and seals for the beverage industry or in sealant and coating systems for food and industrial cans can achieve optimal performance and processing with Escorene™ Ultra ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) copolymer resins.

ExxonMobil polypropylene homopolymers, impact copolymers and random copolymers can meet a range of stiffness and impact requirements at different melt flow rates, allowing for a balance of clarity, cleanliness, color and function as unique as the products protected.

Santoprene™ thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs) combine high-temperature sealing performance and good compression set to help formulators create packaging and seals that excel in hot-fill and retort applications and other packaging that requires initial pasteurization or sterilization.

Hundreds of multi-colored flexible caps and closures for drink bottles

Benefit from the proven performance of ExxonMobil polypropylene resins for caps and closures for soft drink/water bottles and other consumer packaging

Two shoppers in dairy aisle with close up of man holding a flexible plastic bottle of orange drink with green reclosable cap

Improve high-temperature sealing performance with Santoprene™ thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs)

Assortment of colorful bottle caps

Create standout two-piece caps and seals for beverages with Escorene™ Ultra EVA resins