Household Aluminum

Somentor™ fluids for aluminum rolling

Aluminum rolling is an industry that requires process optimization and high-quality end-use products. Somentor fluids are specially designed for this need, offering:

  • Clean annealing properties to eliminate the potential for production rejects
  • FDA compliance for use in the production of food-packaging foils and sheets 

High-purity applications
ExxonMobil Chemical has developed a tailored fluids portfolio to meet the high purity required by aluminum foils and sheet products.

Generally, Somentor fluids are blended with additives to formulate rolling oils that meet the needs of individual mill operations.

The very low aromatic content and low odor of Somentor fluids offer a better working environment compared with other mineral oils.

  • 3 hydrocarbon fluids
  • Carbon number distribution: C11-C20
  • Safe-use advice
  • Formulation upgrade
  • Product quality follow-up

Through all stages: from design, manufacturing to product use and disposal

  • Global Harmonized System
  • REACH ready
  • Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Food contact compliance