Add Exact™ plastomers for stronger, more flexible industrial wire and cable

Construction worker in blue hardhat crouched down working on low voltage network lines

Add Exact plastomers to EPDM and XLPE compounds for improvements in tensile strength and elongation in wire and cable applications.

When used in combination with other polymers, Exact plastomers can:

  • Significantly increase flexibility in low- and medium-voltage cross-linked polyethylene cables
  • Provide excellent long-term insulation
  • Reduce system costs in ethylene propylene rubber cables while maintaining flexibility

Materials compounded with Exact plastomers accept higher filler loadings and process easily on thermoplastic extrusion lines. Exact plastomers are a good choice for applications that include:

  • Insulation
  • Jacketing for low-voltage and fiber optic cables
  • Bedding compounds
  • Semiconductive components

Other elastomeric solutions
Consider Vistalon™ rubber EPDM for long service life in low- and medium-voltage power cables . Santoprene™ elastomers are excellent for low-voltage insulation , jacketing and electrical connectors and offer compliance with a range of industry standards.