Improve tire IPR, durability and lightweighting potential

Ground-level, head-on 3D view of rolling tire with tracks reflected in foreground

Exxon™ halobutyl rubber provides tire innerliners with the outstanding inflation pressure retention (IPR) and very reliable performance that have made it the most widely used butyl rubber for innerliners.

The ability of our halobutyl rubbers (Exxon™ bromobutyl and Exxon™ chlorobutyl ) to be vulcanized with other rubbers, along with their low permeability, high heat resistance, excellent flex cracking resistance and processability, make them valuable in innerliners and other tire applications. Use of these polymers in the innerliner compound enables improvements in air retention, liner-to-tire casing adhesion and tire durability.

The higher the halobutyl content in the innerliner, the greater the durability of the tire. The superior moisture vapor barrier properties of a halobutyl innerliner prevent the rusting of steel cords in the belts and carcass of passenger and truck tires.