Exxon™ butyl rubbers improve weatherability of asphalt, contact cement and sealant tapes

Butyl rubbers’ unique combination of barrier properties, high damping, resistance to ozone, weathering and heat aging make them ideal for many construction applications.

Adding Exxon butyl rubber to asphalt compositions in the manufacturing of roofing materials improves the weathering and low-temperature properties of the asphalt. It also increases toughness, impact and abrasion resistance, elasticity and tackiness and decreases cold flow, oxidation and oil exudation.

Exxon™ chlorobutyl rubber can be used alone or in blends with other polymers to achieve special properties in contact cement. It is well suited for sealant tapes because of its vulcanization and heat-treatment capabilities, tack, flexibility and heat resistance. Extrudable compounds with these characteristics are used in sealing tapes for pre-engineered buildings and double-glazed windows.