Car Passenger Front Side


Automakers, parts manufacturers, tire companies and other auto-related businesses around the world rely on ExxonMobil Chemical to deliver advanced materials that help drive the difference in automotive design. Supporting the ongoing efforts to build cars with better mileage and lower emissions, our diverse range of products and technical support  can help you enhance your products and productivity.

Illustration of a car showing the different weatherseal applications

Advance your designs and long-term performance with Santoprene™ TPVs and Vistalon™ EPDM rubber.

Man leaning over his car engine to check the oil level

Improve the performance and cost-effectiveness of hoses, belts, rack & pinion boots and air management systems with our TPVs, EPDM and butyl rubber.

Left side view from back of high-performance black car

Benefit from products designed to help you improve seals and gaskets, bumper fascia, body side molding, door trim, front grills, wheel flares and more.

Car interior

Enhance surfaces, trim panels, instrument panels and more with products ranging from 
thermoplastic vuclanizates (TPVs) to performance polyolefins to plasticizers.

Close-up of the inside of a car with the driver 's hands on the steering wheel and shifter as they drive down a road with other cars

Formulate your lubricants for better low-temperature properties and thermal and oxidative stability.

Pouring Fluid

Solvesso™ aromatic fluids are among a portfolio of hydrocarbon and oxygenated fluids helpful in formulating additives for lubricants, gasoline and diesel fuels.