Road marking, tire production, and more

road marking tire production and more

Hot-melt road marking
Escorez™ 1000 tackifiers are neutral, pale-colored resins that function as the main binder component in thermoplastic road-marking applications. 

These resins enhance the formulation by providing:

  • Good color and color stability
  • Consistent viscosity and thermal stability, batch to batch
  • Correct light-reflecting values
  • Stable performance in hot and cold weather
  • Abrasion resistance for longer wear
  • Minimal formulation issues compared to other options

Escorez resins deliver consistent performance and formulation when compared to tall oil rosin esters (TOREs).

Tire production
Escorez 1000 tackifying resins are an excellent choice for adhesive needs in tire manufacturing. They exhibit:

  • Dynamic and quick tack at low temperatures
  • Effective bonding of varied and dissimilar materials
  • Minimal effect on final product performance

Other applications

 ApplicationsDescriptionEscorez tackifiersEscorene™ Ultra EVAVistamaxx™ polymers
Road MarkingAdhesive striping
TiresAssembly green strength  
Woodworking Furniture assembly
Glue SticksHobby supplies 
BookbindingBook spines
Carpet BackingCarpet assembly adhesive
SealantsMoisture and air barriers 
Wax BlendingCardboard coating
Pipe Wrap TapePipe wrapping  
Protective LaminationFilm coatings in product packaging