PSA Labels


Designed for your label applications, Escorez™ tackifying resins provide substantial tack even on difficult materials like nonpolar polyolefinic substrates; rubber articles; rough, fatty or dusty surfaces; and cold, humid substrates.

Escorez resins exhibit excellent compatibility with a range of polymers, including ethylene vinyl acetate, styrenic block copolymers (SIS, SBS, SEBS), metallocene polyolefins and polyalphaolefins. They are also a good alternative to water-based acrylic products by offering superior initial tack.

In hot-melt production, Escorez tackifiers:

  • Facilitate fast pickup on label machines
  • Provide humidity resistance and thermal durability even in low temperatures
  • Coat surfaces quickly and easily

Our Escorez 1000, 2000 and 5000 series can be used for labels in:

  • Food and retail
  • Office products
  • Logistics and transportation
  • Health and beauty
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical products
  • Beverages
  • Mailer/document pockets
  • Automotive, construction and other durable items