Vistalon 50th Anniversary logo (EN)

50 winning formulations for Vistalon™ EPDM rubber

To mark the 50th anniversary of Vistalon EPDM rubber, ExxonMobil Chemical has developed a toolkit of model formulations to meet today’s most demanding applications.

From the categories below, customers can access 50 winning formulations that will help them meet industry specifications in a cost-effective way. All of the formulations are designed for factory-scale manufacturing and list the properties of the final compound.

Car Passenger Front Side

Formulations to meet OEM specifications for exterior, body and chassis, weatherseals, and underhood applications.

Man Cutting Cable Wires

Formulations for profiles, roofing, and sheeting and electrical components.

Heavy duty earth moving dump truck and front end loader working in an above ground mine

Formulations for molded and extruded hoses, seals and gaskets, belting and more.