Heavy duty earth moving dump truck and front end loader working in an above ground mine

Industrial lubricants and greases

Our synthetic fluids and lubricant base stocks outperform conventional mineral-based products and provide many benefits.

Worker in a hard hat with ear protection examining a large compressor in a plant environment

compressor fluids

Find the synthetic base stock you need for rotary and reciprocating applications.

Close-up of very complex gear assembly with some lubricant visible on the sprockets

gear oils

Consider synthetic base stocks for very low or high temperatures, high loads and extraordinary ambient conditions.

hydraulic fluids

Formulate with synthetic base stocks when your application requires wear protection, seal compatibility and corrosion resistance over a wide range of operating conditions.

Vertical rollers guiding white virgin paper stock as it is being manufactured in a paper mill.

paper machine oils

Synthetic base stocks help resist contamination by water, acidic solutions and process chemicals.

A stack of gears with grease spread over the gears


Formulators rely on our synthetic base stocks to create greases for everything from marine to aerospace applications.

turbine oils

Synthetic oils for steam, gas or hydraulic turbines are formulated with our base stocks.

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