ExxonMobil Chemical application expertise

Application expertise and leadership you can rely on

We understand the lubricants industry as well as the challenges and opportunities you face. Combine our broad product slate with extensive technical experience and you have the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of synthetic solutions for your lubricant manufacturing needs--today and in the future.

Close-up of the inside of a car with the driver 's hands on the steering wheel and shifter as they drive down a road with other cars

Formulate your lubricants for better low-temperature properties and thermal and oxidative stability. 

Heavy duty earth moving dump truck and front end loader working in an above ground mine

Create formulations for temperature extremes, extended service and heavy loads.

Bright yellow fiber optic cable with the end exposed to show all the wires under the jacketing

Develop thixotropic cable filling compounds with low-temperature performance and oxidative resistance.

Test tubes with blue liquid on rack fixture

Gain the performance of a synthetic lubricant without compromising food quality.