Build your success with ExxonMobil Chemical specialty elastomers. Use our broad portfolio to improve your products, reduce parts and energy costs, and add more value for your customers.

Weatherseals Cowl to Hood

Exterior body and chassis applications, interior surfaces, weatherseals and under-the-hood parts all benefit from our specialty elastomers.

Looking straight up at a tall, all glass faced office building

Commercial and residential glazing seals, roof sheeting and road expansion joints are just some of the potential uses.

Wind farm in verdant southwesten US desert highlighting three of many power generating windmills against blue sky

Medium-voltage power distribution, low-voltage industrial wire and cable, consumer wire and cable, and electrical components all rely on our products.

Young mother and daughter in brightly-lit utility room crouched in front of washer/dryer placing clothes into a laundry basket

Manufacturers of dishwashers, clothes washers and dryers, refrigerators and small appliances use our portfolio of elastomers.

Four lime green handled gardening tools lying on top of soil with flowering plants in background

Juvenile products, cosmetics and personal care items, housewares and household products, power and hand tools, toys and shoe midsoles are all potential applications.

Medical syringe being filled by a male doctor in white lab coat

Syringe tips, peristaltic tubes, seals, gaskets and grips are among the products that benefit from specialty elastomers.

Four black, large diameter corrugated drainage pipes with flexible TPV seals lying side by side in a graveled excavation site

Hoses, belts, seals and gaskets are just some of the possibilities.

A clear food storage container with living hinge on each side for tight fitting lid

Many types of flexible and rigid packaging can be improved with specialty elastomers.

Colored Pellets

Improve and extend properties of polymers and compounds to meet unique application requirements.