Processing and product performance from a portfolio of PE resins, including Exceed™ and Enable™ mPE.


Fluid products to help meet the toughest formulation challenges and regulatory requirements.

Performance and affordability with engineered polymers such as Achieve™ and Exxtral™ resins.
High quality Jayflex plasticizers boost PVC performance
Jayflex™ plasticizers. Over 50 years of experience improving flexible PVC performance.


A technology-driven focus that energizes today’s tire innovations.


SpectraSyn™ PAO, Synesstic™ AN and Esterex™ esters, advancing the science of synthetic lubricants.


Enhancing performance and the ability to process films, compounds, nonwovens and molded/extruded products.


Building blocks for surfactants and polymer additives, metal salts and chlorides.


Innovate using Santoprene™ TPV, Vistalon™ EPDM, Vistamaxx™ performance polymer and other resins.


We offer a broad portfolio of technologies and catalysts that help our customers achieve their safety, reliability and performance improvement goals. These technologies include the manufacture of fuels, lubricants, petrochemical intermediates and polymers

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Creating exceptional adhesive for a range of applications with Escorez™ tackifying resins.