Seven year old girl in pink and white striped T-shirt bending over open dishwasher door to load dishes

With the wide range of ExxonMobil™ impact copolymer (ICP) polypropylene (PP) resins, you can add impact strength, durability and consumer appeal to your dishwashers.

Used by dishwasher manufacturers around the world, ExxonMobil ICP PP resins can provide:

  • Excellent performance over a broad temperature range
  • Degradation resistance to sustained contact with hot water and detergents
  • A range of melt flow rates (MFR) to enable consistent parts manufacturing and maximum productivity
  • An array of stiffness and impact combinations

Recommended grades for dishwashers*

Parts North America Grades
Washer tubPP7694E2
Inner door linerPP7694E2
Utensil basketsPP7694E2
Dispensers, vents & connectorsPP7694E2
Rack wheels & small partsPP7694E2
* ExxonMobil ICP PP resin grades frequently used by manufacturers