ExxonMobil™ impact copolymer (ICP) polypropylene (PP) resins can help the automotive industry meet next generation car requirements for high-quality, sustainable solutions. The lower specific gravity of ICP PP resins compared with engineering plastics allows lower weight compounds and car components for lighter weight vehicles, leading to improved fuel economy and reduced emissions. As polyolefins, they can also be recycled within the manufacturing stream.

ExxonMobil ICP PP resin is fast becoming an essential ingredient for lightweight, impact-resistant automotive parts, including:

  • Exterior parts, such as bumper fascia, exterior trim and energy absorbers
  • Interior parts, such as instrument panels, door panels and trim, and consoles
  • Underhood parts, such as fan shrouds, engine covers and battery cases

Our customer-focused technology solutions are meeting the evolving needs of the automotive industry with:

  • A comprehensive product portfolio, available globally in a broad range of melt flow rates (MFR)
  • High-quality product consistency
  • A high degree of market knowledge, enabling faster development and performance efficiency
  • Technical support
  • Excellent stiffness-impact balance to meet a variety of automotive compounding application needs
  • Potential sustainability benefits, including low weight car components that can contribute to lighter vehicles, potentially improving fuel economy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions
Battery case

Excellent product performance and consumer appeal of battery cases.

Compounding basestock

Choose from a range of grades to enhance your products and meet your compounding needs.