Reduce polypropylene extrusion temperatures in BOPP films

Improved extrudability with Oppera modifiers

Film producers can see significant film property improvements when using Oppera™ modifiers in a bi-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film. The results can be:

  • greater flexibility in film design
  • downgauging opportunities
  • easier processing

Melt flow of the polypropylene through the extruders used in manufacturing film can be enhanced with the use of Oppera modifiers in a BOPP film formulation. The blend can be made less viscous for better flow or extrudability with increasing amounts of Oppera modifiers. That allows processing at lower temperatures compared with an unmodified BOPP film formulation, and delivers benefits such as energy savings and increased processing speeds.

Absolute extrusion temperatures vary from line to line, but melt temperatures can be reduced about 15°C with the use of 20% Oppera modifiers (recommended extrusion temperature is about 230°C).

Improved melt processing of polypropylene en
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Effect of Oppera™ modifier on melt viscosity (MFR (g/10min) is measured at 230 C with 2.16kg. Original polypropylene is a homopolymer with 4.1 MFR; Oppera™ ?????????????MFR(?/10??)??????230?C?2.16kg??????????????4.1 MFR????? ???