New attributes

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Vistamaxx™ performance polymers can create new opportunities for manufacturing efficiencies and lower total system costs for compounding, film, nonwoven and adhesive applications. At the core of these innovations is the potential for Vistamaxx polymers to tailor, enhance and balance a combination of attributes that can be attained in polypropylene compounds or polyethylene film formulations.



Vistamaxx polymers offer clarity and low stress whitening for flexible food packaging, thermoformed single-use packaging and rigid packaging. They help create “eye-catching” packaging and clear product recognition for shelf appeal which motivates consumer "pick-up."



The intrinsic elasticity of Vistamaxx polymers can deliver stretch, comfort and fit in nonwoven applications. In stretch hood films, they offer excellent stability and protection of loads.



Vistamaxx polymers can offer excellent adhesion for bond strength and lamination integrity for highly effective barriers in food packaging films. Using Vistamaxx polymers helps maintain freshness, taste, aroma and appearance of food products. They can also provide outstanding adhesion for strong extrusion coating and lamination applications such as polypropylene (PP) woven sacks. Low viscosity Vistamaxx polymers enable the formulation of high-performance, low odor, minimal color, low density hot melt adhesives used in packaging, hygiene and assembly applications.



Vistamaxx polymers can offer a combination of impact strength, durability and puncture resistance, which can lead to long-lasting products, less waste and cost savings. This is useful for flexible film applications such as HDPE shopping and garbage bags, PP raffia packaging, extrusion coating and lamination, rigid packaging, thermoformed single-use packaging, and toys. When used in the functional layer of cast power pre-stretch films, Vistamaxx polymers provide outstanding tear propagation resistance, holding force and ultimate stretch, even at thin gauge.


Filler loading

Vistamaxx polymers can allow for high filler loading in HDPE shopping and garbage bag films and masterbatch compounds, which may lead to lower costs while maintaining physical properties such as toughness and flexibility.



Vistamaxx polymers can deliver excellent cling for high performance surface protection films, which are used for consumer electronics, LCD display monitors and appliances. They can also provide outstanding cling for cast stretch films that are used for hand, machine, and power pre-stretch pallet wrap.



Vistamaxx polymers can deliver cloth-like softness in nonwoven applications as well as a genuine soft-touch experience in PP applications.



Vistamaxx polymers can offer flexibility to create a good fit/seal and an easy opening/closing experience in rigid packaging products, such as storage containers, boxes and totes. This flexibility paired with strength can provide durability and ease of installation for compounds used in applications such as roofing materials



Vistamaxx polymers can deliver excellent sealing properties for leak-free, airtight modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) applications typically using cast PP films. Using them can also lead to low sealing temperatures and, as a result, low energy use in extrusion coating and lamination applications such as PP woven sack.