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Every business has unique aspirations. When ExxonMobil Chemical developed Vistamaxx™ performance polymers based on our proprietary metallocene catalyst technology, we created an innovative solution that opens new possibilities.

Vistamaxx polymers can deliver opportunities for new levels of product performance, manufacturing efficiencies, potential sustainability benefits* and lower total system costs.

It can provide opportunities for manufacturers to create the right balance of properties to suit their end-product needs. It is enabling companies to develop new products, new applications and new markets.

Whether you are looking for alternatives or exploring ideas, Vistamaxx polymers can be the solution.

*For more information on potential sustainability benefits, click here.

All information and contents are provided for general reference only and should not be viewed as a statement of fitness for a specific application. Customers should ensure the final products comply with relevant national standards of China.

Advances in plastics

Join the technical
new cost-saving techniques,
for plastics processing.


The outstanding performance of hot melt adhesives formulated with Vistamaxx™ polymers drive innovation, value and growth.


Vistamaxx™ polymers introduce new solutions for converters, processors and compounders to improve the properties of polyolefinic blends and multi-layer structures.


Vistamaxx™ polymers are creating new possibilities for a wide range of packaging, industrial, hygiene and construction applications.


Vistamaxx™ polymers open new possibilities by enhancing performance, simplifying construction and enabling more design freedom.