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Jayflex™ plasticizers available in Europe are REACH registered

ExxonMobil Chemical completed registration of all its plasticizers marketed in the EU well in advance of a December 1, 2010 deadline:

REACH registration for these high molecular weight plasticizers permits ExxonMobil Chemical Holland BV to continue to manufacture and import DINP, DIDP, DIUP and DTDP in quantities greater than 1,000 tons per year.

Other manufacturers of DINP, DIDP, DIUP and DTDP in the EU and importers into the EU also need to register by the appropriate deadline for their production or import tonnage.

Registration of Jayflex plasticizers under REACH was made possible by several assets:

  • The availability of comprehensive toxicological and environmental data on these substances that go well beyond what is required for REACH.
  • The 2003 EU Risk Assessment Report concluded that no risk reduction is required for DINP and DIDP in all current applications.
  • High molecular weight phthalates are non-classified substances for reproductive hazards or any other health and environmental effect under EU legislation and the U.N. Globally Harmonized System without PBT* or vPvB** properties.
  • DINP and DIDP do not fall into the category of "substances of very high concern,” and thus are not subject to authorization.

The registration was done in cooperation with REACH consortia for DINP and DTDP, and as required by REACH in consultation with the relevant Substance Information Exchange Fora (SIEFs) for DINP, DIDP, DIUP and DTDP.

* Persistent, Bioaccumulative and Toxic
** very Persistent, very Bioaccumulative

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