Enhance heat resistance and durability of automotive hoses with Vistalon™ EPDM rubber

Close up of an underhood engine hose of a red hot rod car

Rely on Vistalon™ ethylene propylene diene (EPDM) rubber in automotive coolant, air and heater hoses, as well as AC and brake hose formulations to achieve:

• High tear strength
• High temperature and long-term aging resistance
• Excellent flexibility
• Easy mixing and processing

Vistalon 6602 is used as a core grade for all heat resistance formulations.Vistalon 7001 and 5601 high-ethylene grades provide excellent green strength for extrusion processing and braiding.

General purpose hose (100°C/212°F)
Vistalon 7001 and 5601 high-ethylene grades can be compounded with high amounts of filler while maintaining good physical properties. Vistalon 6602 has excellent compounding processability and is suitable for hoses requiring good compression set and smooth extrusion.

Heat-resistant hose (125°C/257°F)
Blending amorphous, high molecular weight Vistalon 6602 with a high-ethylene EPDM such as Vistalon 5601 or 7001 provides:

• Good balance of low-temperature flexibility
• Good retention of physical properties after air aging
• Good compression set
• High green strength

To meet the demanding VW TL 523.21 specification, consider a combination of amorphous Vistalon 7500 or 8700 and Vistalon 3666 in very rich polymer content compounds.

Consider bimodal grades such as Vistalon 7500 or 8700 to enhance compound processability in co-extrusion.

High-heat-resistant hose (>150°C/302°F)
For good retention of properties after long-term heat aging (1000 hrs at 150°C/302°F with peaks at 175°C/347°F), consider blending Vistalon 6602 with Vistalon 706 (EPM copolymer) or Vistalon 3702 or Vistalon 7001, depending on the heat resistance performance required.

Brake hoses

Engines now operate at higher temperatures to help reduce emissions. As a result, rubber brake parts such as brake hoses must resist more extreme conditions while being more durable to support long-term guarantees offered by OEMs. Our Vistalon EPDM grades provide a solution.

Vistalon 2504 and 2502 perform in high temperature compression set and aging and are well adapted to hot engines, such as turbo and eco-engines. Vistalon 2502 is also suited to low temperature compression set and extremely cold weather conditions.

Both grades are designed for formulations without use of plasticizing oil and with excellent aging beyond 150°C.