Home and garden

Santoprene™ TPV improves soft-touch grips and handles in houseware
Adding Santoprene thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPV) to the grips and handles of kitchen tools, lawn and garden tools, writing instruments and other household products increases user comfort and adds shock absorption to promote control and safety in wet and dry environments.

Santoprene TPV also creates ergonomic, soft-touch and mar-resistant feet, edge railings and foam padding in furniture applications.

Design flexibility, manufacturing efficiencies
Differentiate your designs with grades that bond to ABS, PC, PS, PMMA, ASA, PET, PPO/PS blends, PA and more. Even cold-insert bonds and multilayer bonding with metals, textiles and fluoro-elastomers are possible. FDA compliant grades are available for kitchen tools and equipment.

This wide variety of bonding grades enables consolidation of parts, lower cycle times and less assembly. Direct overmolding and coextrusion bonding options open the door to design flexibility and manufacturing cost efficiencies.

Chemical resistance and more
Santoprene TPV grades resist chemicals, water, oil, perspiration, UV light and ozone. Kitchen tool grips made with Santoprene TPV also resist swell and tackiness in the presence of detergents and food, and will not mar desks, floors or countertops. See the online TPV Fluid Resistance Guide.

Use Santoprene TPV to design and manufacture new toys that are attractive, soft and durable
When used in the manufacture of soft-component toys, Santoprene TPV meets requirements for touch, toughness and durability.

A wide range of grades can be processed with conventional thermoplastic processing equipment to make extruded, injection-molded, blow-molded or thermoformed products. The thermoplastic characteristics of Santoprene TPV ensure fast, efficient processing, and in-house scrap recycling is possible.

Design flexibility
Santoprene TPV offers:

  • Soft-touch and low modulus for new toy design options
  • EN71 compliance
  • Easy colorability for attractive products
  • Rubber look and feel to eliminate the need for thermoset rubber
  • High flow index for faster production cycles
  • Melt bondability to polyolefins

Santoprene TPV can be ordered in black or colorable pellets, as well as in specialty grades to meet specific requirements such as flame retardancy, enhanced UV stability and food contact.

Santoprene TPV enhances the anti-slip surfaces of power and hand tools
Santoprene TPV provides the manufacturers of hand, lawn and garden, and power tools with sleek-looking, anti-slip surfaces that offer excellent control and comfort.

For home hand and garden tools, consider Santoprene TPV for handle grips and shock isolation. On circular saws, staplers, drills and cordless power tools, look to Santoprene TPV products for handle grips, seals, triggers, buttons and knobs.

Bonding grades for PA, PP and a range of engineered thermoplastics add value to your product through:

  • Nonslip surfaces that promote excellent control and safety, even in wet environments
  • Soft touch for improved comfort
  • Excellent shock absorption to reduce muscle fatigue
  • Outstanding resistance to perspiration, water, oil, chemicals, UV rays and ozone. See online TPV Fluid Resistance Guide.
  • Vibration damping for less noise
  • Low-compression set seals to protect power tool components from water, dust, harsh temperatures and UV exposure

The thermoplastic characteristics of Santoprene TPV ensure fast, efficient processing and complete in-house scrap recycling.