Oppera in film extruders

Breakthrough technology enables direct use of Oppera™ resins in film extruders

For years, bi-oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film manufacturers have relied on masterbatches of Oppera modifiers with polypropylene. Now you can benefit even more by using Oppera modifiers directly in film extruders.

BOPP film manufacturing operations using single screw extruders can save $60-$240 raw-material costs per ton of BOPP film, with modifications requiring minimal investment. Consult with your ExxonMobil Chemical sales representative to learn how Oppera modifiers can help you produce lower-cost BOPP specialty films.

Whether you choose to add Oppera modifier as a pure resin or in masterbatch form, ExxonMobil Chemical or compound providers have the right grade for your application.

How it works

See how Oppera™ modifiers improve PP film performance.