Where to use it

Vistamaxx™ propylene-based elastomer (PBE) can enable the development of innovative polyolefin blends and multi-layer structures for new products and applications. It can open new possibilities that help businesses lower total costs and expand into additional markets.

With Vistamaxx PBE, compounders can target specific application requirements for rigid packaging, food and beverage containers, thermoformed single-use packaging, masterbatch compounding, construction products and consumer products. The result can be an effective balance between flexibility, transparency, impact performance and many other properties.

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Vistamaxx PBE can improve impact strength and clarity to create durable and appealing products.


Compared to standard reference masterbatches, such as those based on high density polyethylene, Vistamaxx PBE may allow you to increase filler loading without sacrificing compound performance and providing opportunities to reduce costs.


Excellent for airtight seals, Vistamaxx PBE keeps food fresh and protects aromas while offering cost-effective packaging.


Create long-lasting products that are easy to install and meet tough performance specifications with Vistamaxx PBE.


Vistamaxx PBE’s low density relative to many other polymers allows the creation of thin wall products, which may reduce costs while maintaining packaging integrity.


Balance properties to make durable and aesthetic products that suit your consumer needs.