Catalyst technologies: Petrochemicals, refining and advanced hydroprocessing

Interior of a chemical manufacturing plant with parked lift truck in view

At ExxonMobil, we know our catalysts inside and out.

Innovation begins at our Corporate Strategic Research center, with the invention of new, active materials. Catalyst development and process evaluation progresses in our process research laboratories. Catalyst manufacture occurs at our state-of-the art Chemical Specialties Plant in Texas, with support from additional manufacturing capabilities in Japan.

ExxonMobil catalysts are used extensively throughout our worldwide refining and petrochemical plants. This experience in innovation, manufacturing and use allows us to bring a unique perspective to the marketplace.

ExxonMobil catalysts have been used in more than 100 commercial facilities throughout the world:

  • in petrochemicals for the production of xylenes, ethylbenzene and cumene via benzene alkylation
  • in refining for distillate and lubes dewaxing via cracking and selective isomerization
  • in advanced hydroprocessing for hydrodearomatization and desulfurization