Tomorrow's technology. Applied today.

ExxonMobil Chemical has the qualities to help you succeed, whether you are in the tire industry, pharmaceuticals, construction or consumer products.

Blue 3D image of side view of tire with tire illustration to left


Leading the way from invention of butyl rubber to advanced tire innerliner technologies

Blue 3D image of upper right quadrant of tire


Putting tomorrow’s tire technology to work today

Blue 3D image of bottom center of tire with ground reflection


Supporting product innovation, quality and global supply reliability

Blue 3D image of right half of tire with view of inner tire through centered bubble


Butyl rubber knowledge backed by consistent product stewardship

Blue 3D image of full tire -- side view


Keeping you in step with market trends and regulatory issues

Blue 3D image of tire side view with arrow-shaped cutout of top and inside of tire


Innovating products and processes for a sustainable business