Sustainability: Innovative products and processes to meet current demand while preserving resources

Blue 3D image of tire side view with arrow-shaped cutout of top and inside of tire

Increasingly, auto manufacturers and end customers want high-performing tires with less environmental impact. We support your ability to meet this desire with product and process innovation and a companywide sustainability strategy. 

Advanced tire innerliner technologies bring tire manufacturers the potential to introduce tires that weigh less and retain air better to improve fuel economy, handling and durability. For example, using Exxon™ butyl polymers in tire innerliners delivers better air retention for decreased rolling resistance. Reducing rolling resistance by 10% improves fuel economy by 1.6% (ExxonMobil Chemical product data). Process innovation is also contributing to improved sustainability. One example is a manufacturing process improvement that allows for the butyl polymerization reaction to operate at -75°C instead of -95°C, saving energy and potentially reducing the need for additional equipment.

All of these efforts reflect a companywide approach to sustainability based on a commitment to balance economic growth, social development and environmental factors in how we operate our business and promote our products.