Innovation: Putting tomorrow’s technology to work today

Blue 3D image of upper right quadrant of tire

Innovation and ExxonMobil Chemical go hand in hand. The development of new tire innerliner technologies addresses tire makers’ requirements for superior tire performance, improved manufacturing processes and reduced environmental impact. Process technology innovation supports both the industry’s growth and the need for sustainable business.


Technology advances are improving pharmaceutical packaging as well. Exxpro™ specialty elastomer, for example, is a cleaner alternative to expensive coated stoppers for sensitive drugs and other demanding applications.


Process technology is also fertile ground for innovation. We’re investing in innovations that can expand capacity and make manufacturing more energy efficient. One such manufacturing process improvement allows for the butyl polymerization reaction to operate at -75°C (-103°F) instead of -95°C (-139°F), saving energy and allowing for increased capacity at reduced capital investment costs.