Close-up of the inside of a car with the driver 's hands on the steering wheel and shifter as they drive down a road with other cars

Automotive lubricants and fluids

Choose from our comprehensive line of synthetic base stocks to capture the performance benefits valued by manufacturers and vehicle owners.

Automobil engine piston in motion on a blue-purple background

engine oils

Formulate for the highest performance for passenger car and heavy-duty engine oils with our synthetic base stocks.

Black leather covered automobile gear shift with the gears labeled on the the top of the shifter

gear oils

Use synthetic lubricant base stocks to formulate gear oils that resist breakdown from heat and high-speed operation.

Man dressed in Winter attire driving a snowmobile as the vehicle makes a jump in the air on a beautiful Winter day with pine trees in the background

two-stroke engine oils

Gain the advantages of synthetic lubricants in two-stroke engine mixtures.

Yellow dirt bike with a four stroke engine as it moves through the mud and dirt

four-stroke engine oils

Improve cold-start performance with synthetic base stocks.

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