Low viscosity Vistamaxx™ performance polymers enable the formulation of high-performance, low density hot-melt adhesives (HMA) for your packaging, hygiene and assembly applications. Formulators can create a new generation of low odor, minimal color, premium hot-melt adhesives that offer trouble-free application.

These polymers enable hot-melt formulations with good thermal stability, while their low density delivers more adhesive mileage. They also offer the ability to tailor high consistent tack with adjustable open/set times. Hot-melt adhesive formulations in which low viscosity Vistamaxx polymers are used provide a broad processing window, application techniques and service temperature ranges.

Explore the possible grades for each application.


Low viscosity Vistamaxx polymer-based HMAs offer a wide range of properties that help overcome shortcomings of conventional HMA backbones for cardboard packaging applications.


Low viscosity Vistamaxx polymer-based HMAs “tick all the boxes” when it comes to what is needed in hygiene applications.


Low viscosity Vistamaxx polymer-based HMAs offer a range of benefits in assembly applications compared to alternative products.