Hot-melt advantages for tape producers

Hot-melt technology propertiesBenefits to tape producers
  • Coating weight up to 20% less than waterborne acrylic system
  • Less raw material
  • Lower cost for transportation and energy
  • Less space needed
  • Faster coating speeds vs. waterborne acrylic- and solvent-based technologies
  • Greater machine output
  • Superior box closure at 40°C vs. waterborne acrylic- and solvent- based technologies
  •  Aggressive adhesion on recycled acrylic and cardboard
  • Nonpolar nature
  • Better adhesion to nonpolar substrate vs. waterborne acrylic and solvent technologies
  • Coating weight control
  • Optimized accuracy of state-of-the-art coating line
  • Easy unwinding
  • Easy processing of automatic box closure system
  • Aging stability
  • Good appearance lasting over the life cycle of the packaging
  • Waste neutral to water and soil
  • Formulated for more stringent regulations