ExxonMobil Chemical brands A to D

Three surgeons in nonwoven hygienic blue gowns, face masks, gloves and hair nets performing operation

Upgrade product performance with our metallocene-based resins designed for demanding spunbond/meltblown nonwoven and injection-molding applications.


Designed for use in portable heating appliances, these fluids replace traditional fuels such as kerosene and heavy white spirits.

Pharmaceutical stoppers in various sizes and shapes

This halogenated rubber offers excellent adhesion and compatibility with other rubbers. 

Three tires standing side by side in a staggered pattern

Choose chlorobutyl for low permeability to gases, good compatibility with other rubbers   and excellent resistance to heat, ozone and flex fatigue.

Close-up of top of automobile tire curing bladder

From tire innertubes to the bladders of sports balls, Exxon butyl rubber provides excellent air-barrier performance, good flex fatigue and vibration damping.

A jacket on hanger

Use this synthetic hydrocarbon fluid as an effective and environmentally friendly alternative to solvents such as perchloroethylene.