Our COVID-19 response: meeting a new challenge

ExxonMobil is working to help meet the needs of those fighting this pandemic on the front lines, as well as those socially distancing themselves at home. While the needs continue to evolve, the company remains focused on working to meet global energy demand. The world is counting on us to help meet its energy needs, especially at this critical time. We are committed to working to supply the fuels and products that consumers, first responders, health care officials and medical personnel need to address this global health crisis.

A critical product needed in fighting this effort is isopropyl alcohol (IPA), and ExxonMobil Product Solutions is a leading producer of IPA. IPA is used to create a range of goods, including hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol and cleaning wipes, as well as other medical and pharmaceutical uses.

  • The IPA unit at our refining and chemical facility in Baton Rouge (Louisiana) is the largest in the world.
  • This year, 2020, marks the 100th year since ExxonMobil (Standard Oil of New Jersey at that time) first introduced commercial-scale production and supply of IPA to the market.
  • IPA was the first synthetic alcohol to be produced and employed technology invented in-house in 1919.
  • As part of our COVID-19 response, we are prioritizing and maximizing production of IPA from the facility to help meet the significant rise in demand.
  • We are working to supply IPA to areas of need—including to the states of New York and Louisiana, some of the most affected areas in the United States by COVID-19.

Our chemical company also produces a wide range of products which serve as the building blocks for products used in health, hygiene and/or sanitation applications. These include:

  • Performance fluids that are used in a variety of hard-surface cleaning products at hospitals and other healthcare facilities.
  • Polyethylene used to manufacture medical gowns, various medical devices and equipment, plus packaging that is critical in keeping medical, hygiene and food products safe and protected.
  • Polypropylene used to manufacture hygiene products, face masks, and medical gowns.
  • Oxo alcohols that are used in the production of surfactants found in a broad range of cleaning products including soaps, detergents and other cleaning agents, and
  • Halobutyl rubber, used in the production of pharmaceutical stoppers used in the final packaging of medical preparations, especially those intended to be sterile.

The people of ExxonMobil Product Solutions, our distributors and our Customers are working together to bring the world the products that are so vitally needed during this time. We’d like to share a few of these stories with you.


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