Mobilizing forces to protect hospital workers in Spain

Collaboration leads to essential protective garments

When Javier Torremocha, PE Account Manager, and Ana Torre Muruzabal, PE Customer Application Development, watched the Spanish news and realized the dramatic impact that Covid-19 was having on their country, they knew they had to help. They learned that frontline doctors and nurses were converting trash bags into protective garments because they did not have the right gear. But these make-shift garments weren’t effective enough and left the arms of the workers exposed.
At the same time, ExxonMobil customer Armando Alvarez Group (AAG), a leading flexible film converter, was looking at initiatives to support public hospitals and nursing homes in Spain and was seeking help and ideas for innovation. Initial discussions between the two companies quickly led to an understanding of how AAG and ExxonMobil could collaborate. The result was the donation of polyethylene products to AAG, as it converted its production lines from making industrial films to producing the protective garments needed by medical staff.
“In a matter of days, we were able to deliver polyethylene to the AAG plant, Silvalac in Spain,” said Torremocha. “We were able to overcome complex procedures, and quickly obtained the required endorsements to rapidly and effectively activate LDPE deliveries for protective garments. It all moved that quickly and easily” “
To date, AAG has given medical facilities in northern Spain 150,000 protective garments made with the polyethylene.
“The collaboration was incredibly simple and straightforward with no obstacles,” said Miguel Ángel Paracuellos, AAG. “The delivery of LDPE arrived very quickly so we could get on with making the garments. The process to support the needs of society happened rapidly and we know that the doctors and nurses are thankful for the garments.”
“The whole process has been a very fast turnaround,” said Muruzabal. “We are delighted to have been able to support these essential frontline workers and are currently looking at other ways to collaborate for this cause.

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