Rethink what's possible using Achieve advanced PP

Achieve™ Advanced PP  

Challenge reality and rethink what’s possible in automotive performance, packaging design, hygiene comfort and appliance appeal.

Offering a new benchmark in performance compared to traditional polypropylene, Achieve Advanced PP eliminates trade-offs in performance, processing and end-of-life handling.


Extraordinarily tough automotive parts that are lightweight and safe.

  • Step-out toughness/stiffness balance
  • Opportunity to lightweight
  • 35% higher impact
  • Up to 50% less plastomer use

Remarkably rigid containers, cups and tubs that are easier to thermoform.

  • High melt strength
  • 15% downgauging
  • 7% faster cycle time
  • Reusable and widely recyclable

Tremendously comfortable nonwovens that are leak-proof and strong.

  • Up to 15% higher fabric strength
  • Outstanding barrier properties
  • Clean and consistent processing

Amazingly eye-catching appliances that are more affordable.

  • Replacing standard ICP
    • 20% higher gloss
    • 10% improved stiffness
  • Replacing ABS
    • 20% cost savings
    • 14% lower density for lighter weight parts
green containers with veggies

Polypropylene offers a durable and sustainable solution for food service

Learn how a new solution for reusable and recyclable containers can allow us to rethink what’s possible in the food service industry.

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    Achieve™ Advanced PP

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    Extraordinarily tough automotive parts

    With higher impact than standard impact copolymers, Achieve™ Advanced PP enables tougher, lighter vehicle components that are durable and safe.

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    Remarkably rigid containers, cups and tubs

    Offering high melt strength, Achieve™ Advanced PP enables the economic production of thinner rigid containers, cups and tubs. The high stiffness delivers downgauging opportunities while excellent processing improves cycle times and offers higher output.

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    Tremendously comfortable nonwovens

    Delivering outstanding barrier properties and fabric strength higher than standard PP, Achieve™ Advanced PP enables the manufacture of tremendously comfortable and leak-proof nonwovens.

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    Amazingly eye-catching appliances

    With superior gloss and stiffness compared to standard ICP, Achieve™ Advanced PP allows brand owners to economically produce amazingly eye-catching and lightweight appliances. Achieve is perfect for upgrading existing polypropylene solutions or replacing over-engineered ABS.

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    Erik Johansson photographer – Challenge reality campaign

    See behind the scenes footage of renowned photographer, Erik Johansson, creating the surreal campaign images.

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