When ExxonMobil & Kingfa worked together, an innovative new solution for the industry was born.

Achieve™ Advanced PP helps Kingfa meet automotive value chain demands  

The rise of alternative powertrains and increased interest in lightweight, sustainable automotive materials are driving demand for innovative new products. The Chinese automotive industry, in particular, faces intense domestic and international competition to cost-effectively develop differentiated solutions to meet current and future demand.

Kingfa is the largest automotive compounder in China and is now expanding globally. To provide the high-performance, lightweight materials sought by the automotive value chain, Kingfa collaborated with ExxonMobil to develop Achieve Advanced PP8285E1. This high-flow, high-impact copolymer resin is ideal for a variety of tough car parts, including instrument panels, door panels, consoles and bumper fascias.

Key benefits

  • Reduced external plastomer icon

    Up to 50% less plastomer use

    Reduced external plastomer loading can simplify formulations and provide significant cost-saving opportunities

  • Up to 20% improved toughness

    Step-out toughness and stiffness balance (low temperature ductility) compared to standard ICP

  • Icon of two arrows pointing to each other describing impact strength.

    Up to 35% higher impact

    Significantly higher impact compared to standard impact copolymers (ICP)

  • Icon of a feather describing lightweight, lightweight and high flow, soft, softness, lighter

    Lightweighting opportunities

    Improve efficiency in conventional cars and new energy vehicles (NEVs)

Download the Achieve Advanced PP case study to discover how Kingfa developed lightweight automotive materials to meet value chain demands.

How Achieve Advanced PP helps you win in the automotive market

Compounders, OEMs, and Consumer impacts to Kingfa.

Automotive innovation through collaboration

Watch exclusive interviews with ExxonMobil and Kingfa senior managers to learn how they worked together to push the boundaries of Achieve™ Advanced PP and create an innovative new solution for the automotive value chain.

Learn how we can help you stay relevant and competitive in a rapidly evolving industry.

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