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From lightweight seals to step-out toughness and stiffness balance for vehicle bumpers, ExxonMobil Product Solutions offers the essential ingredients for optimal performance in exterior automotive parts.

Applications and benefits

Exxtral™ performance polyolefins are used by automakers to achieve high stiffness, impact performance and excellent aspect. Used for bumper fascias, bumper supports, front grilles, cowl grilles and exterior trims, low-density Exxtral performance polyolefins provide weight reduction without sacrificing strength.

Recommended products:

  • Exxtral™ performance polyolefins
  • For more than a decade, compounders have used Exact™ plastomers as TPO modifiers to tailor the toughness, low-temperature flexibility and ductility of automotive bumper fascia and door trim. Exact plastomers also work well in interior applications such as pillars and instrument panels, and under the hood in radiator fans and fan shrouds.

    Key benefits include:

    • Low-temperature flexibility to absorb high-energy impacts without brittle failure
    • Stand-out weatherability
    • Improved paintability
    • Chemical resistance and thermal stability
    • Impact, stiffness and flow balance for the easy manufacture of thinner, more-complex parts

    With higher impact than standard impact copolymers, Achieve™ Advanced PP enables tougher, lighter vehicle components that are durable and safe. These step-out mechanical properties eliminate trade-offs in compounding for automotive performance. 

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    Key benefits include:

    • Step-out toughness/stiffness balance
    • Opportunity to lightweight
    • 35% higher impact
    • Up to 50% less plastomer use

    Recommended products


    • Air management system
    • Plugs
    • Bumpers and grommets
    • Rack and pinion bellows
    • Suspension bellows
    • Molded seals and gaskets

    Recommended products:

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