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Automotive performance  

Rethink what’s possible in automotive parts by using Achieve™ Advanced PP to create extraordinarily tougher, lighter vehicle components that are durable and safe, with higher impact than standard impact copolymers (ICP).

Challenge reality by creating new interior and exterior vehicle parts with improved performance – parts that do more with less. Achieve Advanced PP can be used neat or in compounds for vehicle components, such as:

  • Interior parts: instrument panels, door panel trim, and pillar trim
  • Exterior body parts: bumper fascia and wheel well liners

Achieve Advanced PP can help optimize qualification time and cost with a consistent supply of quality materials that meet specifications globally.

Key benefits

  • flexing bicep

    20% improved toughness

    Compared to standard ICP, Achieve Advanced PP offers step-out toughness and stiffness balance (low temperature ductility)

  • impact property

    35% higher impact

    Compared to standard ICP, Achieve Advanced PP offers significantly higher impact 

  • two feather

    Lightweighting opportunities

    Can improve efficiency in conventional cars and new energy vehicles (NEVs)

  • plastomer property

    Up to 50% less plastomer use

    Reduced plastomer loading can simplify formulations and provide significant cost-saving opportunities

Proof of performance

cost by performance graph

all around performance chart

Typical properties

automotive properties chart

Product solutions

  • Rethink what's possible using Achieve advanced PP

    Achieve™ Advanced PP

    Challenge reality and rethink what’s possible in automotive performance, packaging design, hygiene comfort and appliance appeal.

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