Insulated food and beverage packaging

Challenge reality and rethink what’s possible with unexpectedly affordable, foamable Achieve™ Advanced PP

Eliminate trade-offs and unlock new, sustainable opportunities without compromising on performance. Be among the first to manufacture foamed polypropylene parts in high-volume applications that benefit from low density and excellent insulation while maintaining standout polypropylene properties.

Cost-effective technology
Achieve™ Advanced PP is an affordable alternative to foamable polystyrene because less raw material is required to produce the final product, thanks to its excellent structural integrity at low densities. Achieve Advanced PP6302E1 can be used to manufacture insulated food and beverage packaging such as cups, tops, clamshells and trays on modified polystyrene foam equipment.

Key benefits

*Recyclable in those communities where appropriate collection and recycling facilities exist.

Benefits of Achieve Advanced PP in insulated food and beverage packaging

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