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Polypropylene offers a durable and sustainable solution for food service

By incorporating polypropylene in the manufacture of food service containers that can be returned, sanitized and reused daily – and then recycled at end of life – we’re rethinking what’s possible in food service packaging and delivery.

Case study: A new take on takeout

Read on to see how we’re rethinking what’s possible in restaurant and food service packaging.

Polypropylene key benefits

benefits of polypropylne

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Food service providers, brand owners and container manufacturers are embracing reusable polypropylene-based containers that are also recyclable in communities that have programs and facilities in place that collect and recycle these items. This is a key part of the solution to growing consumer demand for sustainable food packaging. They also benefit from durability and long service life, due to the performance attributes associated with polypropylene.

Designing out waste

Using these containers for food service at our Houston campus annually prevents over 200,000 disposable polystyrene containers from ending up in landfill.

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*Where appropriate facilities exist.