Exxtend™ technology for advanced recycling

Circular polymers for an increasingly circular world

Today, society is trying to create a more circular world. To help achieve that, customers are increasingly eager to access certified circular polymers to help them reach their recycling or other sustainability goals. To help meet growing global demand, advanced recycling is a leading technology solution that can successfully help to address plastic waste and circularity challenges.

Extending the range of plastics that can be recycled

Our Exxtend™ technology for advanced recycling is just one example of how we are helping the industry meet those challenges.

Exxtend can help widen the range of plastic materials that society recycles* and helps maintain the performance of material over multiple recycling loops. Product quality and performance of the certified circular polymers are identical to polymers made from virgin raw materials, so customers can be confident when using them in existing applications.

*Recyclable in communities that have programs and facilities in place that collect and recycle these items.

Certified circular polymers

ExxonMobil has obtained certifications through the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification PLUS (ISCC PLUS) process for several of its facilities. ISCC PLUS is widely recognized by industry as an effective system to certify products that result from advanced recycling using mass balance attribution of plastic waste. Several of our facilities have been certified, including Baytown, Texas; and Notre-Dame-de-Gravenchon in France.

500,000 metric tons of global capacity

As of June 2022, we have processed more than 5,000 metric tons of plastic waste at our operation in Baytown. Upon completion of the large-scale facility at year-end 2022, it will be among North America’s largest advanced plastic waste recycling facilities, with an initial planned capacity to recycle 30,000 metric tons of plastic waste per year.

Leveraging our existing manufacturing assets around the world, Exxtend can be rapidly scaled to process a wide range of plastic waste. Plans are underway for up to 500,000 metric tons per year of advanced recycling capacity to be added by year-end 2026 across multiple sites globally, including in Canada, the U.S. Gulf Coast, the Netherlands, and Singapore.

Exxtend™️ technology for advanced recycling

Advanced recycling allows plastic waste to be converted into brand new products that are no different from those made from conventional materials.

From plastic waste to valuable food packaging

ExxonMobil has completed the first commercial sale of certified circular polymers using its Exxtend™ technology for advanced recycling of plastic waste.