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Comfortable nonwovens that are leak-proof and strong.

Discover new possibilities and challenge reality using Achieve™ Advanced PP, ExxonMobil™ PP and Vistamaxx™ performance polymers for spunbond and meltblown nonwoven processes. Offering ease of processing, softness, strength, and improved barrier performance, these products enable customers to add value in a range of applications.

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Comfort in hygiene products

Achieve™ Advanced PP enables you to create tremendously comfortable and leak-proof hygiene products with outstanding barrier properties and high fabric strength. Challenge reality and rethink what’s possible in hygiene comfort.

Medical nonwovens
Improve barrier performance, fit and comfort in medical nonwovens with a wide range of products from ExxonMobil Product Solutions. These include Achieve™ Advanced PP, ExxonMobil™ PP, Vistamaxx™ performance polymers and polyethylene products.

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What goes into a diaper?

What factors drive growth in the hygiene market? What do consumers want most in a hygiene product? Discover the solutions offered by ExxonMobil in the hygiene industry.

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Gradeslate: Polymers and resins for hygiene applications

ExxonMobil offers an impressive range of polymers to help customers meet their hygiene product innovation needs. These include ExxonMobil™ PP, Vistamaxx™ performance polymers, Achieve™ Advanced PP, Exceed™ and Enable™ performance PE polymers and Escorez™ tackifiers.

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