Innovate new levels of comfort, fit and barrier performance with our hygiene solutions

In spunbond or meltblown nonwoven production, Vistamaxx performance polymers, Achieve Advanced PP and ExxonMobil PP offer ease of processing, softness, loft capabilities, strength, and improved barrier performance. Exceed™ XP, Exceed™ and Enable™ performance PE polymers based-solutions offer thinner breathable and non-breathable backsheet films while maintaining excellent mechanical properties for high-quality products. Vistamaxx™ performance polymer allows manufacturers to tailor the level of elasticity for improved fit, comfort and discretion, while maintaining low odor. Vistamaxx performance polymers and the Escorez™ 5000 family of high-performance tackifiers are compatible with a wide range of polymers used in nonwoven applications.

Not all hygiene solutions are created equal. ExxonMobil’s comprehensive range of hygiene products allows you to innovate new levels of softness, strength, fit and barrier performance. Our hygiene portfolio includes Vistamaxx™  performance polymers, ExxonMobil™  PP, Achieve™  Advanced PP, Exceed™  XP, Exceed™  and Enable™  performance PE polymers and Escorez™  tackifiers.

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