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Butyl rubbers from ExxonMobil Chemical combine the barrier properties, high damping and resistance to ozone that make them ideal for tire applications. You’ll find our butyl rubbers in many tire components, including the innerliner, non-staining black sidewall, white sidewall and white sidewall coverstrip.

Applications and benefits

Manufacturing innertubes with Exxon™ butyl rubber or Exxon™ chlorobutyl rubber instead of natural rubber provides numerous benefits to the users of bicycle tires, radial truck tube-type tires and some severe service, off-road tire applications.

Benefits include:

  • Consistent inflation pressure
  • Reduction in in-use tire rolling resistance due to the better inflation pressure retention, leading to the potential for less fuel consumption
  • Longer tire life and more even-wear performance
  • Longer innertube life due to better heat stability
  • Enhanced tire durability

Recommended products:

Exxon halobutyl rubber is the world’s most widely used butyl rubber for tire innerliners. It provides tire innerliners with the outstanding inflation pressure loss rate (IPLR) and very reliable performance that have made it the most widely used butyl rubber for innerliners.

Key benefits include:

The higher the halobutyl content in the innerliner, the greater the durability of the tire. The superior air barrier performance of halobutyl innerliners prevents carcass deterioration in passenger and truck tires.

Recommended products:

For high-performance bicycle tires, Exxpro™ specialty elastomer is used in tread compounds to improve traction.

Recommended products:

Product solutions

  • ExxonMobil Chemical Butyl Rubber Plant

    Butyl rubber

    Exxon™ butyl rubber (BR) is a copolymer of isobutylene and isoprene with excellent weathering resistance, good aging resistance, low Mooney viscosity, vibration damping, low modulus, and low compression set.

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  • ExxonMobil branded Tire


    Exxon™ bromobutyl is a brominated copolymer of isobutylene and isoprene (BIIR) with low permeability to air, gases and moisture, low glass transition temperature, and a wide vulcanization versatility with fast cure rates.

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  • Rack of tires made with Chlorobutyl

    Chlorobutyl rubber

    Exxon™ chlorobutyl is a chlorinated copolymer of isobutylene and isoprene (CIIR) with improved compression set and better resistance to heat, ozone, and flex fatigue compared to regular butyl.

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  • BIMSM Pharma Stoppers

    Specialty elastomer for pharmaceuticals

    Exxpro™ specialty elastomers are brominated isobutylene paramethylstyrene terpolymers (BIMSM) help meet the requirements for cleanliness, drug compatibility, low extractables, and leachable.

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  • exxpro blue car arch

    Boost your tires for the new mobility

    Lower permeability than regular halobutyl polymers, making it perfect for tire innerliner applications to achieve better tire and vehicle performance.

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