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ExxonMobil Chemical is the leading global producer of hydrocarbon and oxygenated fluids. Our long-term commitment to the solvent market is demonstrated by recent capacity expansions at its world-scale sites in Antwerp, Belgium; Baytown, Texas; and Jurong, Singapore.

From crude oil to finished product, our fully integrated manufacturing sites have the capacity and capability to deliver these solvents to meet your business needs. ExxonMobil Chemical offers global and reliable supply of differentiated hydrocarbon fluids and oxygenated fluids.

Hydrocarbon fluids, including specialty brands and unique products tailored for specific applications, are available in a variety of distillation ranges and evaporation rates. They are well-suited as solvents, dispersants, diluents and carriers for many applications. Our sales and technology experts have developed an unrivalled understanding of the solvent market and applications.

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  • Dearomatized hydrocarbon solvents

    Exxsol™ fluids maintain good solvency characteristics for a wide variety of applications.

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  • Synthetic isoparaffins

    Isopar™ solvents are high-purity synthetic isoparaffins with consistent and uniform quality, thanks to selected feedstocks and controlled manufacturing processes. They deliver the narrowest boiling ranges for hydrocarbon fluids.

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  • Heavy aromatic solvents

    Solvesso™ aromatic fluids, branded under ExxonMobil™ aromatic fluids in the U.S., are heavy aromatic grades with high solvency and controlled evaporation characteristics that make them versatile performers in many industrial and agricultural applications.

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  • Mineral spirits/white spirits

    Varsol™ are traditional solvents widely used in industry for decades as a replacement for kerosene.

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  • Cycloparaffins

    Nappar™ 6 is a high-volatility pure cycloparaffinic solvent used in industrial adhesive formulations in place of toluene.

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  • Methyl ethyl ketone

    Offers strong solvency and fast evaporative properties. With high purity, they are listed as a non-hazardous air pollutant under U.S. EPA regulations.

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  • Isopropyl alcohol

    A clear, colorless and volatile material with a light odor that possesses physico-chemical and solvency properties similar to those of ethyl alcohol, making it miscible with water and soluble in most organic solvents.

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  • Secondary butyl alcohol

    Used as a coupling agent in water-reducible coatings, industrial cleaning formulations and paint removers.

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  • Video: Hydrocarbon fluids as high performing solvents

    Replacing traditional solvents like diesel and kerosene with high-performing hydrocarbon fluids such as Isopar™ fluids and Escaid™ grades is key to our growth in emerging economies.

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  • Video: Modern hydrocarbon fluids for everyday applications

    How hydrocarbon fluids make everyday products and applications – ranging from air fresheners to protecting crops – safer and more responsible.

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