Exxtend technology for advanced recycling is going global

Exxtend™ for advanced recycling goes global

Advanced recycling technology supports the circular economy for plastic around the world

Exxtend™ technology for advanced recycling is commercial and scalable, and we’re just getting started.

Through collaboration with our value chain partners as well as commercial licensing agreements, we are pursuing ambitions to scale this technology to help companies and communities around the world divert plastic from landfill or incineration and to help meet growing demand for plastics circularity.

Since announcing our first commercial sale in February 2022, we have demonstrated how we’re working across the value chain to help support the circular economy for plastics.

We are assessing advanced recycling projects around the world to help meet our goal to ramp up our processing capabilities to 500 kTa, or 1 billion pounds, of waste plastic by year-end 2026. We are helping our value chain partners meet their circularity ambitions by leveraging our advanced recycling technology to support applications where mechanical recycling has traditionally not been a viable option, such as in food packaging.

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