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ExxonMobil™ provides a wide portfolio of products for healthcare applications that can be used in medical devices and supplies, infection protection and pharmaceutical applications.

Featured stories

  • KraussMaffei: Closing the loop on recycling* plastics

    This fact sheet illustrates a hypothetical proof of concept – it examines a recycling closed loop that encompasses the medical and automotive industries. Specifically, we will look at a scenario in which an insulin pen cap is mechanically recycled while adding color and filler masterbatch and used to make an automotive car part. When the car reaches its end of life the plastic front end carrier can be recycled with Exxtend™ technology for advanced recycling.

  • Video KraussMaffei: Supporting circularity with Exxtend Technology and Vistamaxx performance polymers

    Imagine how mechanical and chemical recycling* can work hand in hand to create a circular economy. we collaborate with KraussMaffei to close the loop between two worlds: medical devices and auto parts.

Our value chain partners

*Recyclable in communities with programs and facilities in place that collect and recycle the end product.