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Reifenhäuser supplies tailor-made lines and components for the production of high-quality blown film, cast film, sheet film, and nonwovens, allowing producers to supply the market, achieve success, and protect the environment.

Since the beginnings of the plastics industry in the 1950's, Reifenhäuser has assisted numerous customers to establish successful production lines and become top suppliers on their markets. They are still doing this today - as a market leader and family-owned company with specialized business units that merge their know-how: in design, process engineering, automation, project planning, manufacturing, project management, and logistics.

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  • Reifenhauser creating full pe freezer film

    Reifenhäuser: Creating full PE freezer film with seamless documentation along the value chain for certified circular packaging

    Applying a QR code on the virgin material bags containing all relevant information eliminated the need for time consuming manual data entry.

  • Clear pellets hand

    Reifenhäuser: ExxonMobil to demonstrate sustainable solutions using its Exxtend™ technology for advanced recycling of plastic waste at K2022

    A five-layer, 45 micron fully recyclable freezer film pouch suitable for high performance food-grade packaging that incorporates certified-circular Exceed™ S performance polyethylene (PE) made using Exxtend™ technology for advanced recycling of plastic waste.

  • Reifenhäuser: ExxonMobil to demonstrate how converters can rethink film design for simpler solutions using Exceed™ S performance polyethylene at K2022

    Reifenhäuser will run a 5-layer, 45 micron freezer packaging film with a full R-cycle traceability program and ExxonMobil QR Code. This film is produced including certified circular Exceed™ S PE using Exxtend™ technology for advanced recycling of plastic waste.

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*Recyclable in communities where facilities and programs exist to collect and recycle plastic film.
**95% PE based on weight.