Case study: Multi-cycle recycled PE heavy duty sacks

A collaboration between ExxonMobil, a leading global supplier of performance PE polymers, and Reifenhäuser, a leading manufacturer of converting technology, has developed a solution for multi-cycle recycling of heavy duty sacks within the same value-in-chain loop. The solution utilizes integrated tracing technology from Reifenhäuser that identifies and tracks the original film formulation and recycled materials. Because the original film structure is known, a new structure that includes both recycled PE and virgin performance PE can be formulated to deliver the required quality and performance.

Learn about ExxonMobil's commitment to helping customers create sustainable solutions by developing a solution for form, fill and seal (FFS) heavy duty sacks (HDS) that would include multi-cycle recycled polyethylene (PE) from HDS film without compromising performance.

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