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InFocus™ unit monitoring tool  

Boost operational performance with fast access to information. The InFocus™ unit monitoring tool enables timely technical insights to improve process performance. Drawing on our breadth of technical and operational experience, the monitoring tool provides you with:

  • Easier access to ExxonMobil expertise
  • Early identification of potential concerns
  • More meaningful analysis

Key benefits

  • performance improvement

    • Near-real-time data access enabling more impactful consults

  • faster trouble shooting optimization

    • More impactful feedback and systematic flagging
    • Enhanced collaboration via shared digital platform

  • avoiding costly incidents

    • Early identification of potential operational issues

Key features


Visualize important data. Drill as deeply as you want.

Health index

Get at-a-glance scores for data groups. Traffic light summary of current status.


Pin KPIs of interest for easy monitoring.


Use future subscriptions to emails or texts for notification of when your KPIs are out of range.


Easily access the ExxonMobil technical support team.

Data view

View raw and aggregate data.

Fast and efficient

Through near-real-time data, the InFocus unit monitoring tool is designed to:

  • Speed up data-to-insight cycle time
  • Eliminate time-consuming data capture and cleanup
  • Expedite more meaningful analysis and collaboration
  • Provide early identification of potential issues for faster resolution
  • Offer easier access to a more intuitive platform
  • Increase operational efficiency by institutionalizing knowledge

Secure data

The InFocus platform is housed on dedicated Amazon Web Services (AWS) servers. Data in transit is encrypted to ensure safety and privacy. Multiple accounts and customer data are managed through application security. Besides authorized customer users, only ExxonMobil and ExxonMobil vendor support personnel have access to the stored data. Administrative access is controlled by multi-factor authentication, audit logs and periodic access reviews.

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