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InFocus™ online platform – analytical tools for plant optimization  

To succeed in today’s evolving marketplace, refiners and petrochemical manufacturers need a competitive edge. Process optimization and operational efficiency are more important than ever for maximizing profits.

That’s why we created the unique InFocus online platform. Drawn from more than a century of experience in refinery and chemical plant optimization and technology leadership, the digital cloud-based tools include:

  • The InFocus unit monitoring tool, which can help you solve potential issues before they occur
  • The InFocus online lube optimization model that enables you to test the impact of operational changes on product yield and quality

Now you can use secure, near-real-time data to make faster, more informed decisions and collaborate more easily with ExxonMobil technical support. 

Through these two advanced solutions – and others currently in development – the InFocus online platform demonstrates our commitment to the industry and to helping you reach new heights of success.

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    InFocus™ unit monitoring tool

    The informative, intuitive InFocus unit monitoring tool provides early identification of potential concerns, near-real-time data access and more meaningful analysis to help you avoid costly incidents and gain operational efficiencies.

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    InFocus™ online lube optimization model

    Maximize production and efficiency by using this advanced-technology tool to quickly, accurately and cost-effectively evaluate the impact of feedstock and process changes on product yield and quality.

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    InFocus™ unit monitoring tool fact sheet

    To help improve troubleshooting and process optimization, this online tool provides fast access to meaningful analysis.

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    InFocus™ online lube optimization model fact sheet

    This predictive tool enables you to quickly and cost-effectively test the impact of feedstock and operational changes on lube product yield and quality.

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